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Firstly I hope that you enjoy the site and are able to find your way around it without too much trouble. The reason for the site is to give you access to myself including my latest publications and much information on the Countrywise Magazine. The function of the site is to give you everthing that im involved with in one place, which will make things easier. Also on the site you will notice that there is a forum which you can post on all things Countrywise. I only ever intended  writing one book on the working of terriers, but mainly due to the feedback from those that read Breaking Through I decided to continue writing. That alongside the fact that the book was awarded Best Country Book of 2009 by Media Today, a large independent publishing company. Its an accolade of which I am justly proud.

Breaking Through was put together in the print studio and althogh the design and the content were very much my own, the book was formatted in their studio. I was at hand during that process and from observing I soon picked up on how the whole publishing thing worked. That allowed me to then put what I had learned to good use which culminated in me producing Digging The Dirt in its entirety. What a rewarding feeling it is to produce a book from scratch to then see it as the finished article. It has taken many hours of hard work to produce the first volume but I hope you agree that it has been well worth the effort involved and my commitment to deliver you first class books not only in their content but also in their quality as only the best materials are used in the prodution process.

 The truth  of the matter     the fox is a ruthless killer    

We must remember that the fox is a natrual born killer and will kill for pleasure as well as for food. A large number of lambs are lost every year to the dismay of the farmer. Gamekeepers also suffer at the hands of the fox who can and does kill countless pheasant poults if he finds a way into the release pen in which they are kept until they venture further, at which point he is still a problem. More recently there have been reports in the press and on the radio of a fox that made its way into a couples house and then attacking a baby which lay sleeping in its crib. Alerted by the screaming the mother ran up stairs to find the babies face covered in blood, she required the assistance of her husband to chase the fox from the house. Such were the injuries that the baby needed hospitalisation and skin grafts to the face, due to the severity of the injuries. More recent than that a person who lay sleeping nearly had their ear torn from their head by a fox that had got into the house and made its way upstairs, such is the foxs lack of fear. The fox population continues to rise at an alarming rate and shows no signs of diminishing in any way. It is not an animal that is seldom seen or encounterd with country dwellers often seeing their first fox in the city, rather than the countryside where they live, due to the high population within our cities today. It is remarkable that the badger is now replicating the fox in so much that they are now firmly established in the town also. Who knows what sort of problems they will cause when they reach the same high numbers as the fox does. You only have to observe the many road casualties for confirmation that both species are on the rise and will continue to be so. Government bodies have through extensive investigations concluded that the most humane way to control the fox is by means of terrierwork.....The Preferred Method! Please enjoy the rest of the site and feel free to join our friendly working dog forum.


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